Complete Fraud Automation with Stripe Radar

The Trust Swiftly Stripe App connects with Stripe Radar to help fight and automate fraud prevention with added security reviews. Quickly enhance Stripe Radar with over 15 different methods to automate reviews of risky transactions. Add Email, Phone, ID, Voice, 3D Secure checks and more.

Prevent Disputes Automatically

Use Trust Swiflty to intelligently respond to early fraud warnings and save on unecessary refunds. Next, route high risk transactions defined in Stripe Radar to Trust Swiftly to automatically approve and decline sales. No added overhead with faster decisioning on reviews.

Increase Sales without the Risk

Keep your sales growing with Stripe by protecting each transaction. Stop declining good customers due to outdated rules. Upgrade Stripe Radar for optimal performance by accepting more orders and removing false declines.

Setup with Stripe

Getting started is easy with our no code integration.
Install our Stripe Marketplace App for fraud protection in as little as 5 minutes.


Sign up with Trust Swiftly

Create a Trust Swiftly account and configure your custom settings to review risky customers. Select from over 15 methods to verify any type of customer according to your business rules.


Install our Stripe App

Connect your Stripe and Trust Swiftly account with one-click access to manage payment reviews and fraud warnings. Next, keep charges on hold until they are reviewed by Trust Swiftly.


Start fighting and preventing fraud

Configure Stripe Radar rules to route any transactions to Trust Swiftly that require verifications. We can automatically notify your customer and then approve or refund the payment when the verification is analyzed.

Stop Fraud Quickly

Stop Fraud Quickly

Bring Stripe Radar to the next level with Trust Swiftly's enhanced security tools.

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