We created an integration and overview guide for connecting Trust Swiftly with an existing fraud tool such as Sift. We recommend combining Trust Swiftly with another fraud tool to result in the most significant impact on fraud using automation. Below are the typical setup process and some configuration items we advise.


  1. Usage of Sift Workflows (Example Below of workflow route)
  2. Setup of decisions to trigger verification flows:


  1. Generate a webhook signature key: (We need this to securely receive notifications from Sift about risky users)
  2. Generate a new rest API key for Trust Swiftly. (We need this to send your Sift environment new verification data on users)
  3. Update your Trust Swiftly admin settings with your new Sift keys.
  4. Create decisions to auto trigger a required verification in Trust Swiftly and set the webhook URL to (See picture below)
  5. Update your Trust Swiftly admin setting with the Decision ID created in Sift that correlates to the verification requirement in Trust Swiftly.
  6. Create a new route in your workflows that will trigger the verification request. I.e. order > $100 and sift score > 40 and IP is proxy and phone is not verified. We will automatically send a notification to the buyer that they need to verify their phone.


Example Decision Webhook for requiring phone number ownership

Example Sift Workflow with Trust Swiftly Verification

Optional Settings

  1. Receive notifications to your ordering/account system that a user completed a verification task. I.e. You can automatically release an order for delivery.
    a). Setup a Decision called (Completed $Verification Type). Then provide it in Trust Swiftly settings. Whenever a user completes a verification task we will send the decision of the defined verification.
    b). Trust Swiftly can send a notification directly to your site with user and verification completed.
    c).The webhook URL can be set to your existing site where other decisions are consumed.

  2. Verifications for Other Sift Events such as Transactions or Update of Accounts
    a). Trust Swiftly can be triggered on multiple Sift events. Any event can be created for new verifications. i.e. If a customer updates their account which triggers $update_account where the card country mismatches their IP country then we can trigger a verification on Trust Swiftly.
    b). Transactions – New insight is always provided after a payment. Incase the score increases or other signals are seen we can trigger further verification.


Example Identity Verification Process for Payments